Greece travel

Greece is a known traveling country, tourism has been huge since the 70s and though tourism declined from the 2000 til last year tourism has increased again massive, making Greece one of the most attractive tourist attractions globally. Economy has been bad in Greece, making appartment and house prices go cheap, making it suitable to buy there. Much has been sold last years, the airport cause of the low economy and debt issues and it appears as if the old Greece does not exist no more, but rest assured, traveling to Greece will be the normal trip, with beaches, bars and delicious food with cheap prices.

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Greece has Athens as capital, Athens is very big and can be difficult to live in as a tourist, thereby we advice to travel to the islands or to Crete. For party people Hersonissos and Malia are great places, but note that there is a lot of drinking and it isnt silent in the nights if you stay in the center. Those places are like Ibiza in Spain. There is a story of a person who was so drunk that he went in a trashcan to sleep, this 10 years ago, ending up chopped up by a trash vehicle that picked the trash and cutted it, with him in it. Another story of Hersonissos and Malia are some english people dressed up like nuns, showing off their naked body to people. The story ended up them beeng arrested and sent back to their homeland. The bars are filled with music and you can choose whatever theme music you want, pick one and go to that bar. Alcohol is cheap, but in taverns and bars the price is much higher. Rodos is an island worth visiitng, since the 90s it has expanded as a town but you can still find the silent secluded places if you are up for a walk. Malia & Hersonissos are located 34 kilometers from Heraklion, the capital town of Crete. You will hear very often "free shots", free alcohol drinks though many of them contain only orange juice.

Greece is known for its secluded lifestyle and many tourists experience this at a hiking tour of the desert areas, at the shores of an abandoned place or up in the mountains. But Malia and Hersonissos are very different from that. Here it attaches to the morning twilight and the dancing never seems to end.. Here you can see some of the bars:

You could always travel to Thessaloniki, duirng winters it looks like a north place, with snow, during the summers you can find a more european style place, different than the usual Greece view. Activities in Greece are many, you can swim and see fishes, go for a feet fish spa, fish in a more distant sea, visit the museums. Most tourists visit the beaches from 12:00, whilest old greek people might be seen very early in the beaches, from 8:00 o clock the morning.

Gambling in Greece

There are no casinos in Crete, there is one in Athens, but if you plan your vacations to Crete there are things to do. The local sportsbook offer some good sports betting offers, keno and lotteries. The odds are less than online but are good enough. There is also a soccer betting slip that is kind of exciting. You must predit what soccer games will have the most goals, you mark from 7 to 11, it costs kind of much to bet on more than 9. You can just ask the workers there how to fill the coupons. Payouts can be very huge.

Except of this it is the normal 13 soccer game coupon on wednesday and saturday and sunday. Sometimes there are 13 games, other times 12. Many greeks fail to win the top prize making the jackpot increased every week. Going online and checking stats for then filling out the coupon is best. There are some appearing slot game machines found at video game stores and elsewhere, but note that the payout is minimum, meaning very very little. Crete has had a lot of cold weather last 2 years but been more sun last months from 2019. It became so cold sometime then that a village almost drowned.

Greek language is very complicated so if you are planning to learn the Greek language, you should seek out some teachers specialized in this. Or, as is confirmed today, buy an audio and learn greek in your sleep! Be prepared to spend many years at school if not. However, this does not mean that you cannot learn a few simple words and concepts through our website. Below are words and explanations of sound that can help you communicate with the greeks in Crete if you are planning a vacation there. You should know some greek words, see below:

"Gia sou" means "Hi" pronounced: "Jia so"
"Mia mpira parakalo" means "one beer please" pronounced: "Mia bira parakalow"
Kala means "Im ok", pronounced: "Kalà"
Kalinixta means "goodnight" pronounced: "Kalinichta"

Chania and Ierapetra vacation

Chania is of the biggest town in Crete and there you can find a sea port with cafeterias and shops close by. It is of the biggest towns in Crete and renting an appartment in the port is ideal, peacefull and relaxing. Sadly prices have gone very up renting rooms and hotels in Greece last years but its worth it. Chania also offers a waterpark something great for children and youth. From Chania center, you can take the buss to about 1 different smaller areas that offers a more isolated vacation, with hotels having upto 6 stars and great restaurants with beaches. If you are more into having a vacation with less people around, such places like "Agioi Apostoloi" is recommended. From there you can easily take the bus to the center of Chania, will take about 7 min the drive.

Ierapetra offers great beaches and is also of the biggest towns in Crete. There is a lot of archeology there and you might discover ancient treasures during your stay with of the officials working to digg up. Ierapetra means "Holy stone" and offers a medium type of vacation when ti comes to party, you wont find the heavy noise party type of nights though there are many discos and bars. Since 2008 most tourists started to choose to stay at hotels and be more there than out, so tourism has appeared as having fallen. This is not the case last years as there has been a tremendous increase in traveling from the world to Crete.

The prostitue area is at the harbour of Chania, instead of going the left road towards the harboud you take the right from the city. Chania offers diving with masks with boat at the harbour, the hotels there can be both good and bad. We recommend the hotels a bit more away from the harbour, just continue to walk about 5 min and you will find a new beach there with hotels and markets. At stores you can find diving equipement.


Chania offers also trips to the mountains were goats can be seen. There is a waterpark worth visiting and if you like to play soccer there are plenty soccer fields around the city, with some open to play at. If you are into EL cigarettes, Crete itself has opened many EL cigg stores and can be bought cheap and of quality.

There is also a waterpark named Acqua Plus at Hersonissos, old one, at Chania it is another one named "Limnoupolis" and also one at Heraklion named Watercity.

Click here to visit their official page of Aqua Plus
Click here to visit their official page of Limnoupolis
Click here to visit their official page of Watercity

Agioi Apostoli

Agioi Apostoli is a small area, 7 min drive from the city offering great beaches, taverns and some few bars. It is not a party area but great place for those having family or wanting to relax. One of the cheapest places to stay overnight or more is Katerina Rooms, an average appartment. Besides there is a bowling area and games for children with massage chairs. As well a supermarket. Agioi Apostoli offers as well luxury hotels and there are some big supermarkets in the area. Hostels can be found as well, of the best is Niris Hotel, located close to the main area. There are about 9 similar places like Agioi Apostoli worth visiting.

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We wish you a great vacation in Greece!


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